My Skribbl Chrome Extension!

I just made a post about how I haven’t been getting anything done lately due to some mental health difficulties. Well, I figured that in the meantime I could show you guys my Chrome extension!

(Link to the extension is here if you are interested)

If you don’t know what skribbl is, basically everyone takes turns drawing pictures of random things that the game makes you choose from. Everyone who isn’t drawing has to try and guess what it is you’re drawing as fast as possible. The faster they guess, the more points they get. The more people that guess correctly, the more points the drawer gets.

This is how the game looks:

And I really sucked at this game. I’m not good with words and it turns out my imagination is lacking quite a bit when trying to see what other people see.

Looking at the top you can see there are four underscores “____” which tells you the word has four letters. As the timer ticks down, it will randomly fill in some of the letters as hints.

Despite all the hints and time I was still really bad at the game, so I decided I would try to make an extension to help myself out. I’d never used JavaScript for anything but dang it I would do anything to stop being in last every round.

So after a long day of trying to figure out what the heck JavaScript is, I had it! Here’s what it does:

#1, as you can see below, it shows you how many letters there are. In this case, a 4 letter word followed by a three letter word. It also shows you the letter counts on the bottom right where you type your guess.

Once the letters start coming in, it will also show them on the bottom right where you’re typing.

Lastly, it will highlight your box to let you know if you’re on the right or wrong track. Orange is neutral – it doesn’t know whether you’re doing anything wrong yet.

If it highlights red, it means you’ve done something wrong. For example, if the word has 7 letters but you’ve typed in 8, it will be red. Or, as in the case of the picture below, the letters I typed don’t match the letters the game gave me. I saw two e’s and typed “sleep”, but I had a p where the game knows I need to have an e, so it highlighted red.

So in my opinion it’s a super useful little thing to have on your side when playing. Again, I really just made it for myself so I could have an easier time competing against friends (everyone agreed that if I was going to bother to go to this much effort to play better, it wouldn’t count as cheating, so don’t worry about that!)

The coolest most feel-good part about all of this, though, is how many people have actually ended up using it!

I was amazed when it hit 50 active users, and then 100, and was beyond hyped when it hit 1000! Over the past year it has steadily continued to grow and now has almost 3,600 weekly active users.

Looking by region, I can see that over its history, people from 133 different countries have used my Skribbl Helper extension!

To a lot of people this would be a little baby project with little baby numbers. But I really can’t express how cool it feels to me that thousands of people from over 100 countries have used the little tool that I made to suck a little bit less at everyone’s favorite early-quarantine game.

Just figured I’d post something positive and also tick off the box of posting about something that I’ve made.

If you play Skribbl, try it out!