My New Year's Resolutions 2024

Why am I doing this?

As an extra bit of motivation, I suppose. I never publicly share this kind of thing, but I’ve gotten increasingly unhinged since covid.

2024 Resolutions

  1. Order food delivery no more than 5 times a week.
    • You might be thinking, “Five?!” Well, setting 5 as the goal gives you a hint as to how bad it is now.
  2. Order from Amazon no more than 2 times a week.
    • Similar deal. This one I don’t mind spoiling though; I’ve placed 250 orders in 2023.
  3. Read 26 books.
    • My bookshelf is overflowing and an embarrassing number of them remain unread. Gotta start getting through them!
  4. Write like… 10 blog posts?
    • Surely I can muster 1 post a month with 2 lazy months, right? Why the hell do I insist on having a blog if I refuse to use it!
  5. Fix by back!
    • I’ve been bitching about back pain for quite a long time now. Still don’t know the issue! It’s time to be more proactive. I’m too young for this shit!
  6. Have an average bedtime of something earlier than 3am.
    • According to my Eight Sleep pod cover, my long-term average bedtime is ~4:30?! That’s definitely unhinged, right? (It’s currently 2:45)
  7. Get back to running a… 7:30(?) mile.
    • Since moving away from Chicago, I never play basketball anymore. No basketball = no cardio. I tried to go on a short run the other day. I didn’t track time or distance, but I’ve run enough before to know my performance was embarrassing! My previous record was 5:20.
  8. Get on an airplane.
    • Always hated these things. I avoid traveling unless I really have to because of it.
    • As part of this, maybe I’ll finally get my passport?


Tl;dr I’ve turned into a lazy fat night-owl consumer. All of my resolutions come down to fixing areas where I’ve let go of any semblance of discipline, and re: the plane one, dealing with a dumb phobia. Wish me luck, and good luck to you! May 2024 be our year.