My bad I never updated the reading challenge

I posted I don’t even know how long ago about the books that I wanted to finish… over a weekend I think?

Well I did. And it took me long enough to finish that I wanted to throw the fuck up just thinking about writing my thoughts on them.

I don’t remember which books were part of the challenge and am too lazy to go back and look, but I haven’t read anything lately that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.

I realize that I probably give up on writing any opinions on the books I read. It seems that, in general, the last thing I want to do after finishing a book is go write my thoughts on it.

I guess a little random update

I’d been having wrist pain from typing on my keyboard so much, so I switched to an ergonomic keyboard.

Get Your Moonlander | | Store

It is the ZSA Moonlander. No more wrist pain. Unfortunately I can’t type quite as fast as I could before. Still working on it.

I always took so much pride in my WPM. I feel like a lesser man now.

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