Network Programming with Go by Jan Newmarch

So I haven’t posted shit and I fell behind on finishing the book(s) that I had originally planned. My brain goes all over the place and I suck at sticking to one thing. Oh well. I did finish something, and that is Network Programming with Go by Jan Newmarch.

With blockchain being at the top of everyone’s mind these days I wanted to learn a bit about networking and distributed computing. I also figured I’d learn Go while I was at it, and this book fit the bill perfectly.

I don’t have much to say about it other than I thoroughly enjoyed working through it. Hence why I actually finished it in its entirety. The GitHub repo I put all the code in can be found here. 68 commits and 10 days later, I am done! And I’m so glad to be done. Man, if I could keep this productivity up and cover that much content every couple/few weeks, I will be able to make some really cool stuff some day.

I’m think I’m going to finally get back on track to finish The Selfish Gene by Dawkins while I go through my next CS book. I haven’t decided whether I want to go through a cryptography book or a distributed computing/blockchain book. A cryptography book would likely help with some of the background, but man I also just wanna go straight to learning more about distributed systems.

I also really need to get back on the real estate grind. Zillow changes their file naming scheme pretty much constantly and I haven’t built anything to more easily keep up with those changes yet. Bastards.

IDK. I’ll post again here when I figure out what I want to do next.

Also sorry that I haven’t kept up with (what I had originally promised would be daily) updates to the math puzzles. I still do some once in a while, but my guess was that approximately 0 people cared. Let me know if that assumption is wrong I guess?


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